Summer Hockey

Summer holidays are drawing to a close. Unable to find a job, I’ve been trying to keep busy so I’ve decided to join my local hockey team back home. I mostly play hockey as part of the university team.

After not playing hockey or not under going any real form of exercise for a good couple of weeks, I really started to struggle keeping up during hockey training. Wow, I’m out of shape! After no time however, I’ve begun to increase my stamina and my endurance to play the position as the left wing. If you play on the wing, you have to constantly keep moving up and down the pitch. Even if your not tackling anybody, you are still applying yourself as well as putting pressure on the other teams players. I’ve only been playing hockey for just over a year but I’m certainly enjoying myself. I thought to myself, “why didn’t I play hockey at a younger age?”. I’m currently 22 years old.

When you are home for the summer holidays whether from school, college or even from university and you cannot find a job, why don’t you try and join a local sports team? Just two hours of exercise will help keep you fit as well as active. It is also a great opportunity to meet some new friends.


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