Lighting and Sound

Lighting and sound is important when filming. They both can have a huge impact on the viewing experience as well as setting up a scene. As we will be taking into account we will be using both lighting and sound, I am going to analyse a sequence from a film to help me understand how to use it for my project. For this, I am going to analyse the film, „Batman Forever‟, (Directed by Joel Schumacher, 1995, USA) timing between 41:00 and 45:00.

Batman Forever

We are introduced to this scene with an establishing shot of a huge room with a variety of lighting ranging from the lights on the ceiling and the lighting from the windows. Since this room is very large, it would be difficult to have the whole room completely lit up however; the lighting used has a good effect using light and shadows. The main character, Bruce Wayne is walking through the room in the shadows as he has flash backs of his past. The score used helps to align ourselves with Bruce as he has his emotional flash backs near the red roses which can symbolise either, danger or love. With a close up shot, we see a subjective point of view as Bruce looks at the photographs of his family. Using a blue tint, we are shown a flashback of his memory with his parents. The characters shown are very dark as they are surrounded by mist. With the canted camera angle, we can connote something bad is going to occur. Suddenly, with the use of a quick flash of a light, we see Bruce‟s father fall to the ground followed by another flash with red roses falling as his mother falls to the ground. The use of lighting shows the villain in complete shadows as we try to make out who this mysterious character is.

Using a high camera shot, the setting shows a contrast between the dark backgrounds the lighter circular lighting where Bruce‟s parents are on the floor. With this use of lighting, the director grabs the audience‟s attention straight away. With the use of sound effects, we hear a crash of thunder as we jump to another scene which we can connote is his parent‟s funeral. This again is shown using a heavy blue tint and darkens characters. This maybe because the people in the surround scene have no significant important to the present story. Only Bruce‟s character is visible as he walks down the aisle. The score stays the same with the slow but mysterious atmosphere. Another crash of thunder draws Bruce back out of his flashbacks.

With the way the director uses sound and lighting in the sequence, I will take into account and use simular techniques with my short film.


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